Splatchcock turkey

Two splatchcock turkeys smoke on Marshall Cooper's Jambo smoker. (Photo ©Chris Wilkins/Texas BBQ Posse)

On Thanksgiving, just a short while away, 46 million or so turkeys will be eaten by Americans. Many will be baked in the oven, others smoked or cooked on a grill for friends and family.

I learned to cook turkey on a Weber nearly 50 years ago from my wife’s grandfather. But this isn’t about our methods. The Posse wants to know your favored method for smoking or grilling turkey. Do you brine? What kind of wood, charcoal, pellets do you use? Seasonings? Butter baste?

Share your technique with us in the comments section here. Let’s get the discussion started.

And send us your favorite Thanksgiving turkey recipe. We might just test it and write about it. . .

Luke Middendorf

6 years ago

I haven't smoked a turkey yet, but hoping to see a great recipe here that I can try out on my Weber Smoky Mountain.

Steve Swanson

6 years ago

I normall brine then put the turkey on my Weber rotisserie. I'd like to get Marshall's spatchcock method; those birds look damn good.

John Idrogo

6 years ago

Greenberg smoked turkey

Chris Wilkins

6 years ago

Hi John: Totally agree with you, it just doesn't get better than a Greenberg Smoked Turkey. In case some of you missed it, here's a great story by Bruce Tomaso from our tour there last fall:

Bruce Bjorkman

5 years ago

Hi All! Here is my Apple Cider/Bourbon brine recipe, which I have used for years. I will be making it again this year. If you can afford it, use some top shelf bourbon. But any brand will do. (And have a sip or two for yourself while you are at it)>
RECIPE FILE: Bourbon-Cider Brine for turkey or chicken
Why do the same-oh, same-oh brine for your turkey? This year, switch it up some and try this delicious brine for extra flavor and juiciness to your turkey. This recipe is for up to a 22-pound turkey

Ingredients: 1 gallon of cold water, 2 cups Kosher or sea salt, 2 cups apple juice, 1 cup bourbon,1 Tbsp freshly cracked black pepper, 4-6 bay leaves, ½ cup brown sugar.
2-3 bags of ice.
Preparation: In a container large enough to fit your turkey, add all ingredients and stir until salt and sugar is dissolved. Place THAWED turkey into brine mixture, making sure entire turkey is submerged into the liquid. You may need to add more cold water. Soak for at least six hours or overnight. IMPORTANT! After soaking, remove turkey from brine, and rinse under running cold water to flush excess salt off the inside and outside of the bird. Towel pat dry and put a light coat of olive oil over entire bird to help keep skin from getting dark while barbecuing or smoking

Be sure to RINSE the bird prior to smoking it, otherwise it will be too salty. Last year I wound up in ER on Thanksgiving day, so my turkey smoked for 12 hours straight. Best turkey we ever had. I will also smoke it for 12 hours this year. I use a vertical roaster to cook my birds. Also...before I put it in the smoker. I rinse, dry it, oil it and put a dry rub on the skin. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Posse members!

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