Photo of line at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor

Customers stand in line at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor. (Photo ©Chris Wilkins/Texas BBQ Posse)

You’ve seen the Texas BBQ Posse’s list of its favorite barbecue joints in Texas. Tell us your favorites.

List them in the comments section here along with a short explanation why. You can also send us an email at

We’ll compile the responses and publish a story about the readers’ choices.

Have at it. . .

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Drew Edwards

5 years ago

I really enjoyed your list and am in complete agreement regarding 2M Smokehouse. I have only hit half of the TM Top 50, but they are number 1 so far. Included in my Top 10 so far are Franklin, Micklethwait, la barbecue, Truth, Corkscrew, Killens, Roegels, Pinkerton, and Stiles Switch. I loved visiting Snow's and the experience was great, but not top 10 in my opinion. Also didnt think Bodacious was all that great so perhaps I hit both of them on a bad day. No doubt my top 10 will change once I visit a few more spots in DFW as I am hopeful to add Cattlelack, Heim, or Flores to my list. I also expect Evie Mae's to be on my list eventually. Cheers

Derek Willer

5 years ago

Great list! Living in Ohio, have only hit about a quarter of the list. What I would say is Franklin, Cattleack, and Valentina's are my top 3. Louie Muellers was great as well. Really disappointed with Snow's. In fact, the brisket, ribs, and chicken were all not good. Nobidea what happened. Maybe they were too worried about the film crew that day as opposed to the cook. But bad enough I won't go back. Pecan Lodge was also not good. Coming back out soon to hit Cattleack again, as well as Bodacious, Stanley's, Flores, and Hutchinson's, so maybe my list will change!

Stephen Coleman

5 years ago

Franklins is pretty good but I think a lot of their rep is hype. Very few Texans will stand in line multiple hours for BBQ when there are multiple places within thirty minutes that in my opinion are just as good. I have not been in years but IMO the best BBQ in the state was The Church in Huntsville. For that matter I think the whole notion that the best bbq in the state is along I35 is silly. There is outstanding BBQ all over the state. I think Stanley's and Bodacious stand up to anything in Central Texas. My favorite in DFW and one of top in the state is Hutchins.

Chris Wilkins

5 years ago

Great points Stephen, totall agree. Thanks/Chris

Clyde Osborn

5 years ago

Bodacious Bbq, Gladewater Tx. Jordan Jackson has rejuvinated a small town joint and brought a new level of low and slow to town. Extension of the Mobberly location, but didnt miss a beat. The brisket is perfectly smoked and rendered with bark out of this world. In my opinion the best brisket hands down. Perfect family atmosphere to include Jordans baby girl "Hey" playing in her play pen behind the register. Pork belly burnt ends on Fridays are absolute meat candy, and the twist on the Albama white sauce is amazing. If you stop in around 11 you will run in to the local mail man who eats here 6 days per week! Great people, great smoke and great food carrying on the family legacy handed down from Roland......but on steroids!!!!

Troy prater

3 years ago

My list looks at good meats( sides are secondary but imp.) and good ambiance. The place has to look and smell like a bbq joint;This aspect I derived from Smitty's in Lockhart, Coopers in Llano, City Market in Lui;ing, among others. Consistency is very imp.
1. Pecan Lodge
2. Ten50 - Richardson
3. Hutchins-McKinney
4. Smitty's - Lockhart
5. Angelo's - Ft.worth

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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