Flores Barbecue

The Posse works a Moberg smoker full of briskets before eating at Flores Barbecue in Whitney, our No. 7 favorite spot in the state. (Photo ©Chris Wilkins/Texas BBQ Posse)

We always knew barbecue commentary was a full-contact sport.

So many good joints. So many different opinions.

That message came through loud and clear after we published our list of the Texas BBQ Posse’s Favorite 41 joints last week. So far there have been a total of nearly 100 comments on Facebook postings by the Posse and others sharing our posts. And even a few here on our site.

Some comments have been brutal. Leaving off Evie Mae’s BBQ in Wolfforth in West Texas “is a crime against Texas barbecue,” one reader wrote. Jimmy Ho, a barbecue blogger who helped Texas Monthly with its latest Top 50 list, agreed. He called the omission a “mistake” and a “travesty.”

One reader called us a bunch of Austin "hipsters" who couldn't get our Prius out of town. Another, commenting on the prevalence on our list of so many joints along the I-35 corridor, said it “sounds like the posse are a bunch of city boys.”


“I guess we need to head west on an apology tour sometime next year!,” Posse co-founder Chris Wilkins said in response. Yes!

Likewise, many commenters, have been supportive, in particular about our choice of 2M Smokehouse in San Antonio as the best joint in the state.

“I really enjoyed your list and am in complete agreement regarding 2M Smokehouse,” one wrote.

So it goes. If you can’t stand the heat in barbecue commentary, get out of the smokehouse.

We do like the heat, though, and all the discussion. So we want to encourage you to continue to give us your opinions — pro, con and otherwise — about our favorite joints.

Go for it in the comments section below.

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